Ogier fastest at shakedown of WRC Catalunya Rally 2021


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I forgot yesterday to give you a link where you could watch this morning shakedown of WRC Catalunya Rally live. I appologize because of that. Time is really passing by so quickly and I didn't realize that it was Wednesday, the day before shakedown of the rally.

I woke up this morning 20 minutes after the start and watched the rest in my bed on my mobile phone. Those tarmac special stages look really good and it's like the World Rally Cars are driving on the highway.

I am used to the tarmac special stages with so much dirt on it because of the cutting and on shakedown I didn't see cuts at all. I should probably watch some onboard videos to see some serious cuts there but there are curbs all around or very steep curves beside tarmac so the drivers could puncture the tires easily.

Seb Ogier will have super clean road in front of him because he starts as a first car on the road and there won't be too much dirt on the road and he is the one to cut the corners and to bring the dirt onto the road for the others which will slow them a little bit because they will have to watch the lines in front themselves.

If they will go off the line, they could easily go off road because they will be on the dirt that moment and their Pirelli rally slicks are in trouble.

So, es expected, we had Seb Ogier and Elfyn Evans in front on today's shakedown but what is even more interesting is that we have top 10 drivers in only 2.5s and that is something I didn't see for a long time on any shakedown of WRC rally.

It seems that Hyundai works much better on tarmac then on gravel because all three cars were in less then a second of Seb Ogier's fastest time.

The biggest surprise was the time of 2017 Junior WRC champion Nil Solans who drives 2C Competition Hyundai i20 WRC and he is only 2.5s from the leading pace. That is really great.

Tomorrow morning starts real action and before that we can see some results from the shakedown:

  1. Ogier 2:33.6
  2. Evans +0.2
  3. Neuville +0.4
  4. Sordo +0.6
  5. Tänak +0.8
  6. Rovanperä +1.2
  7. Fourmaux +1.3
  8. Greensmith +1.4
  9. Katsuta +1.5
  10. Solans +2.5


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