Onboard rally video of the day - Elfyn Evans with Toyota Yaris Rally1 at shakedown of WRC Rally Portugal 2023


Hi, friends!

Current WRC leader Elfyn Evans (same number of points as Seb Ogier but one win less then him) is having a frustrating weekend because he rolled his Toyota Yaris Rally1 and had to retire from event because Toyota mechanics couldn't repair the car (probably because of the broken rollcage) to rejoin the rally under SuperRally rules.

He was opening the roads yesterday until the shunt but he was saying whole day that car doesn't work properly and that he is losing time. It would be good that took some points of this weekend because of the championship fight and now his team-mate Rovanpera jr will have more then 20 points an advantage over him if he takes the win tomorrow.

They should take a better approach but it is easy to be a general from the chair. It is hard to control an adrenaline and yourself but these guys are super professionals and they know this better then myself.

Anyway you can see from this onboard video that they did thus special stage numerous times because they are going flat until the last inch and that's where they take the time from others competitors.

Watch it and learn from them... :)

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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