Onboard rally video of the day - Kalle Rovanpera with Škoda Fabia Super 2000 at Rally Talsi 2016


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Did you know that current World Rally champion Kalle Rovanpera started with competing in Latvia because that is the country which allows young drivers to start with competing before they turn 18.

That was something the best that could happen to the Finnish youngster Rovanpera because he already started with driving of rally cars when he was right years old. Can you believe that tight year old child drives a rally car?! Yeah, that's true. His first car was Toyota Starlet which was rebuild recently by Kalle himself.

After a learning curve he started to compete with Škoda Motorsport and his first cars with them were Škoda Fabia S2000 machines. It was an atmospheric four wheel drive machinery, the best S2000 which you could find on the market in that time.

Kalle instantly showed his speed and finished 2nd overall at that event in Latvia called Rally Talsi 2016 which is very similar to the gravel rallies back at his home in Finland.

I like so much a screaming S2000 engine which revs up to 8500rpm and that's why it is so loud a nice to hear.

So here we have an onboard of the World Rally champion in the making Kalle Rovanpera when he was only 16 competing on the super fast gravel roads of Latvia.

Pčease enjoy... :)

Credit for photos and videos to ERC and Youtube

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