Onboard rally video of the day - Loeb with Ford Puma Rally1 at Monte Carlo Rallye 2022


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I am so glad that woman won in rallying at the world level and Isabelle Galmiche is the first female co-driver to win the World Rally Championship level after Fabrizia Pons won it from the navigator's seat, again at Monte in 1997, co-driving for Italian Piero Liatti,

It's just something that I think that women should be more involved in the motorsport then they are at the moment. I hope that this will change in a following seasons in front of us.

Seb Loeb showed his class again with another WRC win at Monte and that was his 80th win at the top of that sport. And can you believe that this was at his age of 48 (this month)?! It seems that in motorsport age doesn't mean much as in other sports but that guy is just something special.

I remember his first season in Junior WRC when he won it. It was in 2001 and I was fan of his opponent Andrea Dallavilla.who really had unbelievable speed but Loeb was just in the class of his own. To be more precise, back then in 2001, that wasn't called Junior World Rally Championship, it was called Super 1600 Championship and Loeb was the first one who won it.

Last season he didn't drive any of the rallies from the World Rally Championship but the introduction of the new rules and hew hybrid class called Rally1 helped him a lot because these new cars are just new to everyone and no one has an advantage over anyone else this season (at least in the beginnings).

Anyway, WRC YouTube Official Page published today an onboard rally video of Seb Loeb and Isabelle Galmiche driving their Ford Puma Rally1 to the victory of Monte Carlo Rallye 2022.

Please enjoy...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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