Rally documentary of the day - Victor Cartier's rally project


Hi, friends!

I must admit that until this day I never heard for this young French driver with name Victor Cartier.

After I looked at his career and all the rallies he drove before this season, I started t have more interest in his career and future outings.

But the video about his project of Toyota Yaris GT4 is just phenomenal. All that wouldn't be possible without his previous results which brought him sponsorships and without money in motorsport, you are out very soon.

This young fellow finished 2nd in the Junior French championship a few years ago and that was quite a result because there is lots of talents in the French Rally Championship. It is enough to say that they are the country with so much rally stars.

Victor Cartier is also an engineer and it helps his project because he knows what he is doing and that brings better understanding what to do when something is wrong. He aslo has his father and also (I would say) whole family behind him because they all sleep in the track. Amazing.

I thought that I am crazy because I give so much money on this sport but this guys live in the truck during the rallies and that probably helps them to go from rally to rally and save the costs.

The results with his own built Toyota Yaris ERC2 class aren't that impressive because of lots of mechanical issues but they are trying hard. He finished 12th overall at Azores Rallye Portugal and that was quite a result because of the nature of the rally which is very hard and wet gravel.

I wait for his next outing and hope for more video materials because this, what I saw today, is quite amazing.


Credit for photos and videos to ERC and Youtube

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