Rally shunt of the weekend - Adrien Fourmaux with Ford Puma Rally1 at Monte Carlo Rallye 2022


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Adrien Fourmaux took a seat at M-Sport Ford from Teemu Suninen and now he made almost the same mistake as Suninen destroying a chassis of their Puma Rally1 car at the 3rd special stage of the rally. So the difference is that Suninen went off at special stage one of Monte last season while Fourmaux destroyed it at stage three.

Don't do to someone that you don't want to happen to you. And that was what happened to Fourmaux. He ruined Suninen's chances at M-Sport last season with his comments and now he is under the fire. A few more crashes like that and he will be sidelined and guys like Andreas Mikkelsen could replace him easily.

Anyway, Adrien Fourmaux was visibly emotionally shaken after the shunt because he was nominated for points at M-Sport and not Gus Greensmith who is doing much better job for the team.

Fourmaux has a full season in front of him and now he has to put this shunt behind him. He won't restart tomorrow under the Super Rally rules with the time penalties because the roll cage of his car is bent and the FIA don't allow the cars which are not with safety 100% sure for the crew to restart the rally.

Watch the video where you can see that Fourmaux visibly missed the brake points and hit the wall with his right front and then rolled down the hill.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube.

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