Rovanpera tested with Toyota ahead of WRC Catalunya Rally 2021


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Finnish and all the other Scandinavian drivers have most of the problems on special stages across the world on the tarmac surface so they need more of the practice rallies and testing especially on that surface.

I watched this spring young Finnish ace Kalle Rovanpera during the test ahead of WRC Croatia Rally and it looked quite fast but during the rally, he went off on the special stage one. He didn't even came to the place where we were spectating. That's why I wrote that gravel specialists from Finland need more practice on the tarmac events.

Rovanpera jr won two gravel rallies this season and he could do even better but after Croatia he lost some confidence and some bad results came out because of this. But his name will be in WRC for a long time after this season. He is a raw talent, that's for sure.

When watching this tarmac testing video ahead of next round of the World Rally Championship in Catalunya, it is obvious that he found that precision very important for driving on tarmac. Every mistake made on tarmac means losing lots of time. On gravel, there is a room for improvement if you make a mistake.

I am thinking something that Kalle Rovanpera could be easily a new World Rally Champion in season or two. He is just super fast driver and this season was needed to build some confidence after all.

I guess that he will drive a safe rally in Catalunya without mistakes because there is another tarmac round after this - the one in Monza.

He just needs as many miles as possible from the next tarmac rallies so errors are not allowed.

Let the best win - as always...

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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