Shakedown onboard video from our rallying weekend


Hi, friends!

This weekend we decided to make some onboard rally videos just to compare our driving from special stage to special stage and this is probably the best way to analyze your driving and where you make mistakes.

We recorded all three shakedown drives and hose were the first miles with that rally car Suzuki Baleno 4WD in anger. We were faster and faster from drive to drive but not as I expected because I always want results faster then it is possible.

I must learn to be patient and collect the miles and that way, through analyzing and training build some speed.

Later in the rally, the times were much faster and I heard lot of good words on our rally. Even my mechanic texted me with some kind world I like that.

Here is the video of the last shakedown ride before the rally. I wasn't that happy as my co-driver but probably knew that something better was coming through the rally.

Please enjoy... :)

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Grab a beer and enjoy!