Where you can watch coverage for FREE of all three days of WRC Rally Portugal 2023


Hi, friends!

RedBull TV stays good for us World Rally Championship fans because they decided to offer us a coverage from the each day of every single WRC event this year. They are doing it for some years now and I know why they are doing it.

It's just simple RedBull media is the promoter of WRC and they will just cut some parts from an official program and put it into (almost) half an hour coverage from every day of the rally.

We are at the 3rd station of the World Rally Championship in Portugal and this is the second gravel event of the season which is also the first gravel rally in Europe.

Eight-time WRC champion Seb Ogier won't be present in Portugal and it is kinda good for him not to have to open the road as a championship leader because he would just lose the time and that's not good for him.

Enjoy this coverage from each day and we can only say: THANK YOU, RED BULL TV!


Friday - 23:00 CET
Saturday - 23:00 CET
Sunday - 23:00 CET

Credit for photos and videos to WRC, RedBull TV and Youtube

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Great attitude from crew at @minnowsupport :)

Grab a beer and enjoy!