Where you can watch WRC Rally Monza 2021 coverage for FREE


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This is the first time that I wrote about the potential place to watch the WRC coverage after the rally, not before event. I am really sorry because of that but my stomach hurt me badly and I was not able to think about anything but how to heal my health.

Yeah, you can't watch motorsport action for free these days because everything is commercial. But we have World Rally Championship promoter RedBull Media who offers their viewers a free coverage of every rally day by day and that's almost half an hour coverage after each day of the rally.

If you want to watch the stage by stage coverage, you must pay WRC+ subscription which costs 8.99€ which is cool if you ask me. Maybe there will be some cool offers this week because of the Black Friday so I will look for it and write about it on my blog.

If you are not hard core fan as me, then this free RedBullTV option is good enough for average rally fan.

This generation of World Rally Cars is over and we will never have that name of WRC again with rally cars. From the next season it will be Rally1 class for the highest rank of the World Rally Championship. FIA wants to make rallying more available for the privateers. More in following weeks.


RedBullTV WRC link

All three days are already out so start with Friday's coverage just to have complete picture of rally in your mind.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC, RedBullTV and Youtube

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