Rainbow of feelings. My Game. Hive savings. My Actifit Report Card: March 22 2023


A rainbow of feelings will always be present, and not the fact that it will be bright colors. An artist's palette most often contains all shades of gray, but he somehow achieves brightness and beauty. It takes a lot of time, effort and skill. But in the end, this rainbow will be perfect. At least through his eyes.

Life seems to be trying to make me a first-rate artist, mixing my colors every day. The only thing missing is the note on the fridge:

What are you going to do with it today?

I'm going to paint like no one else has ever dreamed of!

If these trials take me where I need to go, then I'm going to take that challenge. If it's a hint that I'm moving slowly, then I'm going to speed up to a run. If this gray is all I have, I'm going to find colored paper and make the most of it. My rainbow will shine. Even if I have to do the impossible. The impossible is possible.

Too many accidents go against me now. Too often a couple of days, a couple of steps, or a couple of actions are missing.

Failure or signs?

Okay, I'll consider it signs or random patterns. Sometimes you just have to keep going, along the way analyzing the situation and going over new possibilities. Which is what I'm doing here between the lines, so I don't get into a box of hopelessness. Psychotherapy by writing words. Anything that has left my head won't be able to linger inside it. At least not long enough to put my hands down.

Otherwise, there's only brainwashing to go on...

Doubtful pleasure.

Rainbows would be unequivocally better.

Hive savings report

I will continue to play the game in the numbers of my achievements on Hive. Below is a table of my daily accumulation of Hive, HP, and layer 2 tokens:

Hive Savings 21.03.2023.png

Hive Savings 22.03.2023.png

It's nice to be inside Hive when you see another performance by Jerome Powell and the like. The hardening from hundreds of posts by top Hive writers gives us an understanding of what's going on and where it's going. As well as hope that our future is in our hands. If we refuse to play another of their century-old games in which only the rules change. But the game is still the same...

You know, let my hopes crumble here. Then they will 100% collapse in the centralized hands of the bankers, who feed us every new round of this game with new fairy tales. And I agree, it's time to finally profit from their speeches. But not in the way they suggest. It's time to play our own games. On our own turf and with our own pieces.

Even if it is a mistake, it will be my mistake and in my game...

Isn't it?

For now ⬇️

Savings today is $1177.

Hive On! Hive Five! Stay ALIVE!

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Psychotherapy by writing words.

I like this. I guess that's why I keep a daily journal. It helps as well. Thank you for this. Somehow I needed to read it. An advance happy weekend...

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Greetings, you keep on the levels, excellent.


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