Horse Racing - Follow the Jockey - 21st June

Hollie continued where she left off after her success in France, starting the day riding a winner, Dusky Prince, on the All-Weather track at Wolverhampton. Her initial first booking was declared a Non-Runner. Her second ride finished 2nd, but the low odds meant we went for a Win bet, so no luck for us there, and we stopped our strategy there, banking a small profit.

After that success in France, Hollie has recieved huge number of plaudits from many places, obviously including a bundle from the racing fraternity as can be seen in this Racing Post article.

Hollie herself thinks that Nashwa is going to go on to greater things, as this article also on the Racing Post website reports.

DateTotal StakedWinningsDaily Profit/(Loss)Running Profit/(Loss)
4th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)(£0.10)
5th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)(£0.20)
6th June£0.30£0.50£0.20£0.00
7th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)(£0.10)
8th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)(£0.20)
9th June£0.74£1.51£0.78£0.58
10th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)£0.48
11th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)£0.38
12th June£0.50£0.60£0.10£0.48
13th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)£0.38
14th June£0.40£0.58£0.18£0.56
15th June£0.70£1.28£0.58£1.14
16th June£0.20£0.00(£0.20)£0.94
17th June£0.40£1.42£1.02£1.96
18th June£0.10£0.00(£0.10)£1.86
19th June£0.10£0.28£0.18£2.04
20th June£0.30£0.50£0.20£2.24

Yesterday's Summary - 20th June - Wolverhampton
Race #TimeSelectionOdds TakenWin/EWTotal StakedSP OddsResultReturnsProfit
24.25Macon Belle6-1EW£0.10Non Runner. Bet Void
47.25Dusky Prince4-1W£0.103-11st£0.500.40
58.00Federal Street9-2W£0.202-12nd£0.00(£0.20)
79.00Calonne10-3No Bet8th

Best odds in BOLD


Today's Hopefuls - 21st June - Newbury

3 rides booked for Hollie today, starting with a short priced favourite, that is slightly shorter since i placed my bet.

Race #TimeSelectionOddsWin/EWTotal StakedPotential ReturnsComments
26.00A Taste of Honey5-4W£0.10£0.23


Odds in Italics are provisional and may change should we place more bets in the run.
Odds in BOLD are odds taken.

Good Luck to all!