Horse racing - Follow the Tipster - 25th June


Yesterday's result

Our tip was never in the running, always towards the rear of this 14 strong field, finishing 13th, giving us a fourth straight loss.


Daily Summary

DateSelectionOdds TakenResultSP OddsWinningsW/LProfit/(Loss)
Brought Forward8-14£1.89
1st JuneCaptain MorgsEvens3rd11-80.008-15£1.79
2nd JuneGisburn11-22nd7-20.008-16£1.69
3rd JuneOh This Is Us13-215th10-10.008-17£1.59
4th JuneMrs Fitzherbert10-36th10-30.008-18£1.49
5th JuneWickywickywheels5-18th5-10.008-19£1.39
6th JuneSpecial Envoy8-111st6-50.129-19£1.51
7th JuneYasmin From York2-18th15-80.009-20£1.41
8th JuneCavallo Pazzo3-1NR0.009-20£1.41
9th JuneSelene's Dream15-87th7-10.009-21£1.31
10th JuneAr El Bee6-17th7-10.009-22£1.21
11th JuneIngra Tor4-111th7-20.009-23£1.11
12th JuneJawaal5-47th13-80.009-24£1.01
13th JuneTathbeet11-101st10-110.1110-24£1.12
14th JuneReshoun14-15th16-10.0010-25£1.02
15th JuneLegend of Dubai6-120th7-20.0010-26£0.92
16th JuneThesis11-11st14-11.4011-26£2.32
17th JuneLysander9-23rd15-20.0011-27£2.22
18th JuneAlcohol Free22-19th22-10.0011-28£2.12
19th JuneFollow Your Arrow11-84th13-80.0011-29£2.02
20th JuneWrought Iron11-11st3-10.8812-29£2.90
21st JuneZain Nights2-12nd7-40.0012-30£2.80
22nd JuneMorghom5-28th5-20.0012-31£2.70
23rd JuneIrish Admiral9-23rd4-10.0012-32£2.60
24th JuneStone Of Destiny7-113th6-10.0012-33£2.50

Best Odds in BOLD

Monthly Summary
Total StakedTotal ReturnsTotal Profit/(Loss)Running TotalW-LNR
May 2022£2.30£4.19£1.89£1.898-14
June 2022£2.30£3.01£0.61£2.504-191

Todays Bet - 25th June, 2022

MeetingSelectionOddsPotential ProfitComments
2.55 NewcastleHaveyoumissedme10-1£1.00All Weather (Tapeta) track


Expert Eye has been overtaken in the NAPS by Melissa Jones, who has risen to the top on the back of 4 winners from her last 6 NAPS, including 22-1, and 11-1 shots, thus our bet today is with her selection.

Good Luck

Dividers courtesy of @eve66