Horse racing - Follow the Tipster - 27th June

Yesterday's result

A frustrating day yesterday, with our long odds win bet on Ruthless Article coming home in second place. At odds of 28-1 when I placed the bet, a win would have been a lovely boost to the coffers. At the off, however, he'd drifted substantially out to 50-1 and would have been an even better return, but alas it wasn't to be on this occassion. Congrats though if you went the each-way option with the big odds, which would still have netted a decent profit. He chased the leaders early on following the rail. Moved into second place at the 13th fence, and whilst not particularly pretty over subsequent obstacles moved to take the lead 3 from home. Overtaken before the last, with nothing left in the tank to wory the winner finished 4.25 lengths back, and a comfortable 10 lengths ahead of the third.


Daily Summary

DateSelectionOdds TakenResultSP OddsWinningsW/LProfit/(Loss)
Brought Forward8-14£1.89
1st JuneCaptain MorgsEvens3rd11-80.008-15£1.79
2nd JuneGisburn11-22nd7-20.008-16£1.69
3rd JuneOh This Is Us13-215th10-10.008-17£1.59
4th JuneMrs Fitzherbert10-36th10-30.008-18£1.49
5th JuneWickywickywheels5-18th5-10.008-19£1.39
6th JuneSpecial Envoy8-111st6-50.129-19£1.51
7th JuneYasmin From York2-18th15-80.009-20£1.41
8th JuneCavallo Pazzo3-1NR0.009-20£1.41
9th JuneSelene's Dream15-87th7-10.009-21£1.31
10th JuneAr El Bee6-17th7-10.009-22£1.21
11th JuneIngra Tor4-111th7-20.009-23£1.11
12th JuneJawaal5-47th13-80.009-24£1.01
13th JuneTathbeet11-101st10-110.1110-24£1.12
14th JuneReshoun14-15th16-10.0010-25£1.02
15th JuneLegend of Dubai6-120th7-20.0010-26£0.92
16th JuneThesis11-11st14-11.4011-26£2.32
17th JuneLysander9-23rd15-20.0011-27£2.22
18th JuneAlcohol Free22-19th22-10.0011-28£2.12
19th JuneFollow Your Arrow11-84th13-80.0011-29£2.02
20th JuneWrought Iron11-11st3-10.8812-29£2.90
21st JuneZain Nights2-12nd7-40.0012-30£2.80
22nd JuneMorghom5-28th5-20.0012-31£2.70
23rd JuneIrish Admiral9-23rd4-10.0012-32£2.60
24th JuneStone Of Destiny7-113th6-10.0012-33£2.50
25th JuneHaveyoumissedme10-12nd9-10.0012-34£2.40
26th JuneRuthless Article28-12nd50-10.0012-35£2.30

Best Odds in BOLD

Monthly Summary
Total StakedTotal ReturnsTotal Profit/(Loss)Running TotalW-LNR
May 2022£2.30£4.19£1.89£1.898-14
June 2022£2.60£3.01£0.41£2.304-211

Todays Bet - 27th June, 2022

MeetingSelectionOddsPotential ProfitComments
3.30 SouthwellDo Ya Feel Lucky2-1£0.20


Nearly a big winner for Melissa Jones, currently the No.1 NAPster, with her pick hitting second place at 50-1. Today's pick is priced a bit more modestly at 2-1, but was a winner last time out just 8 days ago, leading from start to finish and winning by 13 lengths. Even with an extra mile to cover in this race, if that form is carried forward, should be there or there abouts.

Good Luck

Dividers courtesy of @eve66


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