Horse racing - Follow the Tipster Strategy - Patent Bet #21



A second place finish for our first leg gave a bit of hope for a bigger win especially at odds of 17-2, but alas no joy after that.

Daily Summary

DateTotal StakeWinningsProfit/(Loss)Running Total
Brought Forward£3.89
1st June£1.40£0.18(£1.22)£2.67
2nd June£1.40£1.20(£0.20)£2.47
3rd June£1.40£1.10(£0.30)£2.17
4th June£1.40£0.30(£1.10)£1.07
5th June£1.40£2.39£0.90£1.97
6th June£1.40£0.68(£0.72)£1.25
7th June£1.40£0.74(£0.66)£0.59
8th June£1.40£1.70£0.30£0.89
9th June£1.40£2.00£0.60£1.49
10th June£1.40£0.00(£1.40)£0.09
11th June£1.40£0.12(£1.28)(£1.19)
12th June£1.40£1.04(£0.36)(£1.55)
13th June£1.40£0.27(£1.13)(£2.68)

Monthly Summary

DateTotal StakedWinningsProfit/(Loss)Running Total

Today's Bet - 14th June, 2022

Listed in Race Time order

TipsterTable PositionSelectionTime & MeetingOdds TakenNo. Of Places
Lambourn5thTwilight Calls3.40 Ascot15-24
Garry Owen2ndMy Prospero4.20 Ascot5-13
RP Ratings3rdFoxes Tales5.35 Ascot17-24

Fortunatus, moved into 4th place in the rankings but his selection clashes with Garry Owen's so Lambourn gets the call for today. All runners at the Royal Ascot meeting, which runs until Saturday, and may give a great chance for some each winnings, as most bookies will be paying out extra places every day (as they have done with 2 of today's choices).

Potentials Returns

All Three WinAll PlacedLeg 1 Win onlyLeg 2 Win onlyLeg 3 Win Only
Total Returns£73.51£3.79£1.10£0.80£1.22
Total Profit(Loss)£72.11£2.39(£0.30)(£0.60)(£0.18)

I've included a table of potentials returns to show the large variances in returns that may be achieved with various outcomes. This is by no means the definitive list of possible outcomes but does give you a guide as to what to expect. I used a bet calculator which can be found HERE to do the leg-work for the table.

Have a great day, whereever you are.


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