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Mi pequeña aportación al vídeo Taxi Driver

Proyecto de Antonio Salort del año 2018. Skate mallorquí.
Published by Pep Alonso via




Good afternoon family! Creating another video edit for you. Several days of rain, today was sunny and goes out on the street to record. These images all I recorded on the block of my house. I put my next song to be released in the video, Vai Viciar, promises to get to youtube and spotify until next month. I'm working on an NFT collection, your name is The Odds Place, i'll soon be bringing news.



Equinox video´s B-sides - Hippie jump by Donaldo Trevedhan

Welcome back to our blog #HIVE fam, tonight we got...
A very fun day of the equinox video´s missions, where Donaldo Trevedhan got a nice hippie jump on a bench at León Guanajuato´s down town. A day full of sunshine and homeless vibes.
Stay tuned to our channel for the next memories and B-sides of this fun video we made a couple of months ago around the summer equinox of 2022, which we will be sharing these next few days.
Full video: Equinox Video



Dream Trick with Samuel - Nollie kickflip Bs lipside - Eng/Esp

🛹Hello SKATEHIVE Community 🛹
Si hay una cosa que me encanta, es grabar a mis amigos cuando no puedo patinar. Lo mejor de todo es cuando intentan trucos nuevos y siempre progresan.
En esta oportunidad Samuel esta intentando un truco de alta dificultad y no podia dejarlo pasar, prendi mi celular y nos pusimos a grabar.
If there's one thing I love, it's filming my friends when I can't skate. The best of all is when they try new tricks and always progress.
This time Samuel is trying a trick of high difficulty and I couldn't let it go, I turned on my cell phone and we started recording.
Samuel es uno de mis patinadores favoritos por su valor y garra de siempre intentar trucos dificiles, siempre me emociona cuando estamos juntos para patinar y producir juntos.
Nollie kickflip bs lipside es un truco de alto nivel, espero que disfruten de este video y esperemos que samuel siga adelante cosechando nuevos trucos y aumentando el nivel.
Samuel is one of my favorite skaters because of his courage and determination to always try difficult tricks, he always excites me when we are together to skate and produce together.
Nollie kickflip bs lipside is a high level trick, I hope you enjoy this video and hopefully samuel keep going reaping new tricks and leveling up.
Camara y edicion : My persona
Telefono: J2 prime
Musica : Come thrue - Drake
Si te gusta el contenido de skateboarding, no dudes en entrar a la comunidad @skatehive y compartir tu contenido.
If you like skateboarding content, feel free to enter the skateboarding community and share your content.
Published by David Valdiviezo via



Bs Tailslide with the friends

Skating with the hommies through the streets we found this nice fence to slide with a slope, after several attempts I was able to go down it, something difficult because you immediately fall to a sidewalk.
Published by Enrique Prado via



Kickflip next to Rocinha

Cellphone angle of a Kickflip back in the beggning of the year filming with my homie Theo for his new vídeo "médio bom". Dope spot with Rocinha in the background, biggest "favela" of Latin America. You can check his vídeo at Vimeo.
Ângulo de celular dum Flip que rolou no início do ano filmando com meu mano Theo pro seu novo vídeo "médio bom". Pico bolado com a favela da Rocinha no fundo, a maior da América Latina. Você pode assistir ao vídeo completo no Vimeo.
Published by Arthur Guedes via



Noseslide Nollie Flip, Roda Gigante- Rio de janeiro, Humberto Peres

Trick: Noseslide Nollie Flip, Roda Gigante- Rio de janeiro.
Skater: Humberto Peres [Brazil]
Filmer: Gabriel Billa
Published by Humberto Peres via



BS OLLIE jumping the gap

Bs Ollie por cima do cone
Diy aeroporto
Published by Vitor Ribeiro via


[PT-BR/EN] Back to the classroom

Hello SkateHivers! All good?
My friend Lumiar Bakker is a teacher in high school classes at Ceará municipal school, here in Rio de Janeiro.



Nollie Bigspin Heel, Marina Skatepark, Gianlucca Zanardi #cashfortricks

A few weeks ago some krew members went to #Queretaro city (Trip paid with HBD❤️) and Jorge Alcalá manage to skate an awesome DIY that the locals has made in a public park area call #Alameda. There where not that much obsticles to skate, but it was actually very fun since it also has wallrides walls all around witch is perfect for a "Bowlero loko", right?


How to effectively promote your Skate Hype content and reach more views

Yo everyone I'm @knowhow92, proud member of Skatehive/Skate Hype Team and life-long skateboarder from Greece.
The number of people joining our Web 3 community via Skate Hype, our social app is raising day by day (check stats here) so I wanted to give you some insight on how to raise your Skate Hype views easy and efficiently.
More views in your content means you'll get trending in Skate Hype so more likes thus more money 💸



Treflip, Akadimia, Dimitris Kakavas #cashfortrick

Trick: Treflip, Akadimia.
Skater: Dimitris Kakavas [Greece]
Filmer: @knowhow92
Published by Dimitris Kakavas via


Clemente Madness | Demo Training at Stevenson | Skatehive Meetings and More front crooks!

Sessions at Clemente followed up by a Grant Park Loop session.
@jaydeemedia busting out the VX



Ollie, Escada da Marina skatepark, Bia Sodré #cashfortricks

Trick: Ollie, Escada da Marina skatepark.
Skater: Bia Sodré [Brazil]
Published by Bia Sodré via



F/s Wallride, Waverock Niterói RJ, Humberto Peres #cashfortricks

Trick: F/s Wallride, Waverock Niterói RJ.
Skater: Humberto Peres [Brazil]
Filmer: Renan Sales
Published by Humberto Peres via


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I love the work you do with gifs when it comes to compiling the best scenes from each post! 👌


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Very happy that we are coming close to our issue number 20, looking forward to this moment. Another week of great posts. Very proud. We are also close to 1000 members. Congratulations to all the new guys around here, you're building history. I see we have a lot of new people so let's interact, do with your friends what you'd like your friends to do to you. So comment, reblog, distribute upvotes, engage other athletes to get autonomy in your skate session. Gaining crypto and freedom to buy equipment and pay for the session. Only you can get further by yourself, so join the community and let's build together a better future for everyone. Stay tuned for the projects. Anyone can collaborate, just demonstrate their skills and communicate well with our team in discord.

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