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Hello, everyone!

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life things!




Hello friends. The days are very busy. It's a very transformative experience to be a father to a boy. I'm loving it, and enjoying this moment. I am very happy to be progressing in crypto, even in the bear market. Maybe hive will save my new year this year. It's a special date that I particularly like a lot, and I like to enjoy well. These images were recorded in three days of skateboarding. I took a while to post, but now they are available here at hive. I hope you like it!



Celebrating my birthday, 29 tricks and 29 years 🎂🛹[Esp/Eng]

Hello Hive Community!
Welcome to another video for my channel, on December 17 I was turning 29 years old and for weeks I had in mind to do 29 tricks for the age that I am turning.



akasha introduction post

EN] Sup @skatehive community I've been told by my friend @xvlad so much about this project that I finally take a step ahead and decided to start posting things here.


Donaldo's house - The middle of the streets

Find us where ever the concrete waves are. Getting 3 waves in 1 wall and an insane drop by homie Donado Trevethan, keepin' it #gnarly for the #skatehive fam. LFG!! Bowleros lokos for life🤙



Raw Battle - Pitu Bigspin to BS Noseblunt at Es Fogueró transition

In this series I will show the complete process of the fight that was involved in doing some remarkable tricks.
This time we have Pitu Panés giving it all to make a Bigspin to BS Noseblunt in the transition of Es Fogueró.


Gnarly News #11

Welcome back, everyone! You know how it goes, you're about to get stoked with what's happening in Gnarnia!



Tricklist S2Ep2 - Shuvit Nosegrind Nollie 180 out

Welcome to a new #Tricklist episode and this time I tried one of my dream tricks, the Shuvit Nosegrind Nollie 180 out!
This is a trick I keep watching on skate videos and it always looks so awesome! I can Nosegrind 180 as well as Shuvit Nosegrind no problem so I combined those 2 tricks, gave it a go and here's what happened...


Kelvin Wong - ANZ Rollerblading Open

**Kelvin Wong Australian Rolling Open 2021
The Australia New Zealand rolling open was a inline skating ramp and skate championship.
The event was supported by some of Australia’s best skate shops.
Bayside blades
Skater HQ
World of wheelcraft
Lucky skates
Shred city
Skate Society
skate connection
See more of THE FEW events -


I've always wanted to make art for skateboards

greetings skaters from #hive here posting again in this community, showing something that I have always wanted, at least it is one of the many things that I have wanted to do in the world of art and it is to make designs for skateboards


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Love my GIF, so mysterious hahaha! Cheers to Skatehive fam for one more week!