The Weekly Stoken #35

Authored by @homelesscrewmx


Hello, everyone!

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Orange skate album

A few skater got together to have tones of fun skating the "Hidalgo" gaps and some dude bring this orange transit sign that got everyone #stoked so we managed to make an edition of some friends skating in this spot that it probably happened to be for only once in the lifetime haha.


Weekly stoken - Skating the PHX AM props.gif

Skating the PHX AM props

Skating the ramps left over from the PHX AM before they are taken away. I wish they'd leave them as these obstacles are so much fun.


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Jumping off Quarterpipes with Gnarip in Palatine + a nice nollie crook at Palace

After golfing, @gnarip12345 and I decided to check out Palatine skatepark nearby.
All the ramps were metal and the park was designed weird.
That happens a lot in America, towns will build skateparks to satisfy the demand of the youth but since they know little to nothing about what makes a skatepark have good flow, the park ends up being a complete waste of money.


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In the last few weeks I had the opportunity to put together some video production equipment and to test them out I made a little edit with some clips that have come out while skating and having fun with the hommies, with very doggy tricks by the way. Check it out! I hope to keep making better movies.🤙


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London postcode challenge introduction

Welcome to the London postcode challenge , where I attempt to skate every postcode in London.
In each postcode, this over 40 year old skateboarder has to do one kickflip , one half cab nose and one mystery trick.
For every 5 postcodes completed I have to donate £5 to the Ben Raemers foundation.
I will release a video every Wednesday starting the 17th of May (my birthday).


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TWS SKATECREW Part #67: Summer Days | TWS Crew x Calawis Crew

Hey guys! Welcome to TWS Skatecrew Skateboarding Sesh Part #67. We had a really good weekend last Saturday, May 13, 2023, even though the weather is not really good and the humidity is getting worst. Yeah, it's still summer season here and every day is getting hotter but we can still able to skate every weekend and that is a good part. Most of us are there to skate except for Bernard Arandilla he missed skating whatever the reason I hope he can able to skate this coming weekend. Lawrence Velasco Jr this kid is always trying a new trick and at the same, he pulls out the trick that he wanted to land like the Double Kickflip he lands that trick already. Lawrence Traquina tried a Frontside Tailslide and he almost got it and I think if he commits to perfect that he pull out that trick someday



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