The Weekly Stoken #41



Hello, everyone!

This is a compilation post that will serve as a summary of the best weekly content posted on SkateHive. Our curatorship program aims to bring more skaters to the SkateHive and retain these users through a curation of the best posts. Anyone who is active in the community can be selected.

Always use the hashtag #skatehive.


Posts on Fire



Tom Rohrer - My Introduction to Skatehive

My name is Tom Rohrer, I grew up skating in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles at age 19 in 2009, then to San Diego in 2020. I started skating at age 11. I’m a full-time graphic designer. I worked at The Berrics for 7 years, first running their social media and later doing their graphic design.



Street Dreams - Short film

Going along with the exciting skates sessions and the fun encounters between the skateboarding family we achieved another interesting compilation of some street clips and some other sessions in the solid waves of "Hidalgo" Park.


kike adventure.gif

¡¡¡¡Bs Airgrab 360 transfer!!! 🤯🔥🦅

Once again the good jony went over the top with a super transfer in the skatepark of the tree, a very complicated transition for its inclination and coping, he said he had been trying for several weeks and this time he could finally make it, not even he could believe it haha. I had to document it for him, check it out. 🤙📸 pd:not sure if this is the name of the trick hehe.



Skateboarding during a heatwave is HARD (Skatehive Vlog)

High temperature, high humidity, lots of sun, no wind, that's Greece's summer weather alright butloco guys like me wanna skate so I visited the local DIY early in the morning and attacked the ledge!



Um pouco de Rio de Janeiro

Hey guys, BoelterMc in the area. At this moment it rains in Rio de Janeiro. But I made these images in the last days of the session, I would like to share these moments of the wonderful city with you. Let's go, the run can't stop.



Lines , 10 stairs heelindy , 6 stairs tre double flip

Hello skatehive community i made this clip with so much hype since i try to get fit as i used to be and get some more stairs video. My tripod is here finally but 40 deegrees doesnt help to get fresh clips :) !Hope you enjoy!



Skateboarding every postcode in London episode 8: Coolest trick in Dalston

What is the coolest trick in Dalston a hesh slide straight out of an anti hero road trip or a tech trick that would make Daewon Song blush ?


Curator's look

Here are the details our curators are looking for in SkateHive's posts:

1 - Hive Spirit:

Community-engaged members who comment, upvote, reblog, offer good tips and ideas. They are much more respected than those who post every day and do not interact and are only eyeing rewards.

2 - Quality/effort:

You don't need to have the best lenses but it's important to make your post look awesome so readers and viewers can enjoy it the most!

3 - Original content:

The contents must be original. If it is detected that you are using 3rd party footage and claiming it's your own your content will not be selected for curation. Also your will get muted from Skatehive.

4 - Evolution:

It's normal not to start the best way and evolve over time. People who are looking for innovation, new designs, new proposals, new ideas, and who improve their work over the years are more recognized than those who do not present any kind of evolution.

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