My Actifit Report Card: September 26 2021

Busy day when I forgot to carry my phone! After Saturday chores and running about, I spent some time pulling together materials for a project for my sewing group.

For a long time, I have collected tags and button bags from clothes in a little basket. They are pretty in their own right, and sometimes have care information on them (which I have never referred to). They are quite sturdy and I thought they could be the foundation of work around the Luggage Tags project.

I saw some work recently that included recycled and embellished second hand hard cover books. They were books with illustrations and photographs - although I suppose you could do it with novels too. I liked the idea of collages and pulling together different recycled flotsam and jetsam of contemporary life.

We're enjoying an energy crisis here (chickens come home to roost), with long queues at garages, difficult enough, but also creating congestion.

This is a picture of the Millennium Walk beside the River Welland. This stretch runs between the rail station and the centre of Market Harborough.
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