My Actifit Report Card: January 17 2022


Yesterday I failed to register my 10000+ steps so no actifit points for yesterday and neither for today. And this after over 15km of testing my he training shoes. After 25 years I've been buying again a pair of Nike shoes, let's hope they will bring me more luck than when I was young... Just like those days I've chosen Pegasus, now already the 36th edition (and at the moment they're already at 38, but I've bought these in outlet. Since it's all air and no foam in these shoes, it's all cushioning and almost (?) no responsiveness. This means they will be great to decide distance but not to keep a good rhythm. I've started with 7km a little over 5'/km, than 7km at 4'30" and I ended with 1 km at 4'/km. Fair enough to tell tube cushioning helps a lot of one needs kilometers but I doubt that I could run series with them... Maybe I'll try that on Wednesday....
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