#11 - RABONA - Season 57 League 3 Day 5⚽



Hello everyone 👧. I would like to report my daily status for Season 57 League 3 Day 5 for my team, TampilingKO.

Overview of the matches on 09.12.21

RB MATCH RESULT 091221.png

My second lost for Season 57 when facing against PACESSETTERS team in our second match. 😌 From this match, one of my best defender Sebastian , injured and will not play for next 11 matches . In previous Season 56, the same opponent team also injured the same player as well. 😂Why your player aiming my Sebastian. Just joking. 😶


After the match with PACESSETTERS, I had to rearrange my team player formation for my next few matches. Luckily I checked on my match status by time to time or not I will lost on my next match to npc-78442729052 for giving him free win by default.

S57 L3Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Total

Currently, I had achieved 18 won and 2 lost for Season 56 League 3.

RB RANKING 091221.png

I will not hope for rank 1 as the Pts between us quite far. In the other hand, rank 3, the team player who had defeat me today only 2 points of different between us. 🙂 I think my rank will be rank 3 after the rank 1 will defeat me on our second meet match.

RB NEXT MATCH 101221.png

My next 4 matches on 10.12.21 and I expected I can won all the matches by default a all of these team were not active.

Financial Status

RB CHART 091221.png

RB SURPLUS 091221.png

As per yesterday post, I mentioned that I did not spending on upgrading Stadium facilities and scouting new team players in order to maintain my surplus financial position until the end of this season. The reason of this is for saving my RBN's fund for team players' contract renewal and new scout.

Team Stats and Players

RB FAN OS TEAM 091221.png

RB TEAM PLAYER 091221.png

There was differences in my overall strength and number of fans except for team players. My overall strength had increased by 1 point after done daily training on my team players. The number of fans increased and no clear idea how I gained it until now. 😅


10 more matches to go for the end of Season 57 League 3.

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA

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