#13 - RABONA - End of Season 57 League 3 Day 7 & Day 8 / Start of New Season 58 League 3⚽




Hello everyone πŸ‘§. This is my daily status for Season 57 League 3 Day 7 to Day 8 and Season 58 League 3 Day 1 for my team, TampilingKO.

Overview of the matches on Season 57 Day 7 to Day 8

RB MATCH RESULT 111221 121221.png

I thought I would lost to the rank 1 opponent team, Peruanos Albinos FC in last day of Season 57 but I had won it. Thanks to PACESSETERS team who made one of my player injured in Day 5, I had reshuffled my team players formation line up for the remaining matches but this had lead me winning result to against rank 1 team. 😁

S57 L3Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Total

For end of the Season 57 League 3 with 30 matches, my overall result were 28 won and 2 lost.

RB RANKING S57 121221.png

I at rank 2 with 1 point differences with rank 1. Only rank 1 shall advance to next league and I still stuck with league 3 πŸ˜…,

Overview of the matches on Season 58 Day 1

RB S58 RESULT 121221.png

I thought the next match of new Season will started on next day or 13.12.21. Unfortunately, it started on the same day of end of Season 57 and I did not set my team players formation earlier. I just found out that the time frame or gap to starting the new season was 12 hours from the end of the last season.

My first match was with PACESSETTERS who consider my strongest team opponent among the 15 teams now in this League 3. Luckily I won it by default as both of us did not set team players formation as shown below. My overall strength was higher than this team so I won the first match. I think this team same as me did not aware the new season started earlier. 😏

RB S58 MATCH DETAIL 121221.png

RB RANKING S58 121221.png

The new ranking for Season 58 League 3. I can make assumption that all the teams here did not make their team formation earlier as the winning points all the same. New team opponent, Laumes had joined in our batch of League 3 and I can see that its an active team as they had won their first match although by default. 🀣

RB NEXT MATCH 131221.png

My next 4 matches on next day. I only need to alert on the match with npc-78442729052 as this team had set up team formation in last season.

Financial Status

RB CHART 121221.png

From this chart, you can see that my earning for Season 57 was more than Season 56.

RB S57 SURPLUS 121221.png

This was the overall result in 161k RBN financial surplus position for Season 57. Its included the income from advertisement fee for 104k RBN and the balances from the matches' operation .

RB S57 DEFICIT 121221.png

My first match was not in home stadium, therefore deficit result for the first day of the Season 58.

Team Stats and Players

RB FAN OS 121221.png

RB TEAM PLAYER 121221.png

Overall strength had increased from 42 to 44 (due to training) whereas 140+ fans had increased after the Season 58 started.

The number of team players still the same but I will drop 1 of my weak player for saving 400 RBN for each match. I still figuring it out whether I should sell it in low price (below the price of scouting fee for each player). πŸ˜’


I did better performance in Season 57 compared to Season 56. πŸ˜€

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