#17 - RABONA - End of Season 58 League 3 Day 6 & Day 7 ⚽



Hello everyone πŸ‘§. This is my daily status for Season 58 League 3 Day 6 and Day 7 for my team, TampilingKO.

Overview of the matches on Season 58 Day 6 & Day 7

RB RESULT 17181221.png

From these 8 matches for these 2 days, I had suffered 1 lost and 1 draw.

I'm in shocked that I had underestimated npc-78442729052 as I expected I can won this team for my second match with him. If won the match with him I think my rank will be at rank 1 or rank 2.

Laumes was a tough opponent and luckily I got draw result for our second match.

In my first match with my friend's team, TawadakFC24, I suffered lost result. However, I had won him today. πŸ˜‰

The remaining 5 matches that I won by default by defeating none active teams.

S58 L3Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Total

RB RANKING 181221.png

My current standing at rank 4. Well, I will stuck in this league for the next season. My friend @tawadak24 will advance to next league and we will not facing with each other anymore in next season😒. Sponsor me if you become rich there my friend 😜.

RB MATCH 191221.png

My remaining 5 matches with none active teams which I expected I can win it all.

Financial Status

RB CHART 181221.png

RB SURPLUS 181221.png

rb scout player 181221.png

I did two scouting players and I only accepted one of them based on their best stat. However, no new player replacing my goalkeepers that contract going to be expiring soon.πŸ˜•

Done 4 scouting players so far for this season but my financial position still at surplus result.

Team Stats and Players

RB FANS OS 1812221.png

RB TEAM PLAYERS 181221.png

My fans had increased by 150+ and one player had added to my team as mentioned above. Overall strength still the same as my previous post.


5 more matches to go for next season 59 but in the same league. 😁

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA