#18 - RABONA - End of Season 58 League 3/ Start of Season 59 League 3 Day 1 โšฝ




Hello everyone ๐Ÿ‘ง. This is my daily status for Season 58 League 3 for the remaining 5 matches and Season 59 League 3 Day 1 for my team, TampilingKO.

Overview of the remaining matches on Season 58 League 3

RB MATCH RESULT S58 201221.png

I'm facing 5 non active teams which resulted 5 winning matches result for the remaining matches of Season 58 League 3.

S58 L3Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Total

RB RANKING S58 201221.png

For Season 58 League 3, I'm at rank 3 and will stay at this same League 3 again for next season. My friend's team, TawadakFC24 at rank 1 and will advance to League 2. Congratulate for promotion and all the best to him in next season.

Overview of the matches on Season 59 League 3 Day 1

RB MATCH RESULT S59 201221.png

3 matches had started for new season but I already face off with a strong team, Snorkindom Giants. Luckily I had won the game but with 1 goal different including 3 goals breakthrough from this team to my goalpost. Apparently, this team just join the game when I checked on their profile.

S59 L3Day 1Day 2 (Part)Total

RB RANKING S59 201221.png

New season started with 3 matches had done for the first day (partially on second day), my current standing on rank 4.

๐Ÿ˜ฒ usually got 1 new team replacing the previous season rank 1 team for new season. Now got two new teams join us, Snoftkingdom Giants and ASF Colle di Sale. This means that npc-78442729052 was a AI team as they not in this team anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hopefully my assumption not wrong.

RB NEXT MATCH 211221.png

My next 3 matches on 21.12.21 (nice date๐Ÿ˜). I have to plan properly on my field's formation as one of my usual goalkeeper had quit due to expiration of contract and now I still not yet scouted a best stat's player with goalkeeper position. As per last season matches' records with Laumes, this team a tough team to against on.

Financial Status

RB CHART 201221.png

Season 58 League 3 overall income statement
RB S58 201221.png

I'm making profit for Season 58 but this majorly from the advertisement fee income for 104k RBN and the balances 45k RBN were from the sum of all matches' net income.

Season 59 League 3 (3 matches)
RB S59 FS 201221.png

Made 5 times of scouting players for 100k RBN for the current season and was the main cause on my financial statement in net losses status. However, I'm still making losses if without scouting expenses. I think I need to reduce my players salary by terminating them.

Team Stats and Players

RB STAT 201221.png

RB TEAM  201221.png

Although I had added new team players to 23 players my overall strength had increased from 46 (last post) to 49. I also gained 149 of fans for the new season.


It's almost a month I had played RABONA soccer management game and now I'm in my fourth season ๐Ÿ˜ฎ.

5 more matches to go for next season 59 but in the same league. ๐Ÿ˜

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA