#19 - RABONA - Season 59 League 3 Day 2 to Day 4 ⚽




Hello everyone 👧. Recently I'm busy with work and preparation of Christmas celebration event. This is my late report on my daily status for Season 59 League 3 Day 2 to Day 4 for team, TampilingKO.

Overview of Season 59 League 3 Day 2 to Day 4 matches

RB MATCH DAY 2 TO DAY 4 231221.png

Finished 11 matches in 3 days period, I had won 9 matches , draw 1 match and lost 1 match.

Out of 9 matches winning results, I had won against PACESETTERS, one of my nemesis since Season 56 League 3 (our first season when just started play RABONA game). I only managed to score one goal for the first match against this team, thus I need to be alert in our second match for this season. I need do better strategy in order to get winning result again win more goal if possible.

Laumes, another strong team and our first match was draw with 1 : 1 score. Still wondering how to win against this team as I also have draw result from the latest match in last season.

I lost for my first match and also first time against ASF Colle di Sale in this new season. Previously this team was in League 2 and I check the team players' stat was better than most of my players. Unsure whether I can win against this team in my second match with them.

S59 L3Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Total

RB RANKING 231221.png

My current standing on rank 3. Hmm, will ASF Colle di Sale advance to League 2 again? 🤔 This team very strong man.

RB NEXT DAY MATCH 241221.png

My next 4 matches during Christmas Eve and only one active team Snorfkingdom Giants I need to be alert on. Our last match although I'm won it but its a dangerous situation whereas their team player able to get 3 goals to my goalpost😂.

Financial Status

RB CHART 231221.png

RB FS 231221.png

I suferred huge deficits for my current financial position although I had reduce or sold out my players. I had estimated that I'm still making huge losses after add up the advertisement fee at end of the season. Some of the costs I need to cut down such as reduce my players first or increase the price of tickets, merchandises and other income in my stadium facilities to recover my losses.

Team Stats and Players

RB OS 231221.png

RB PLAYER 231221.png

Overall strength had increased from 49 to 50 after I had terminated 2 of the weak stat players. I gained 110+ fans since Day 1 of Season 59. No addition of new players as I need stop spend extra fund on my RBN.


I think I will stuck on this League 3 again for next season. 😕

If you interested to play this game, just click RABONA