We weren't born quitters


Hayley was astonished as she watched the women's football finale. She wished her team all the luck and prayed they carried the cup that year.

Unfortunately, they didn't and Hayley though disappointed loved every move the footballers made as she watched their steps and skills closely.

After the match, she cuddled up with her mom, telling her how she'd be the one to bring the women's football cup to her country. Her mom was so excited as she rubbed her hair gently affirming her positivity with broad smiles.

Hayley's mom knew how much her daughter wanted to be a footballer, she had no choice but to let her be since it was what she had passion to do.

At school, while other girls were busy doing some fragile girl stuff during break, Hayley was always at the football field either watching a football game or practicing skills all by herself.


One day, during one of her usual practice, one of her school mates caught her and decided to make mockery of her so she took a photograph of her and shared it to the whole school with an inscription; boy born as a girl.

When Hayley got to school the next day, she saw her picture pasted everywhere with words that hurt her so much. She ran back home when she couldn't stand the laughter and embarrassment anymore as everyone including guys were laughing at her and saying all manner of things.

When she got home, her mom was surprised to see her in so much tears as she spoke; "Mom, mom..., is it bad that I love football? Is it bad that I want to do what I love? Mom, why did I come into a world where girls aren't allowed to play football? Was football only meant for boys? How about those ladies that play on TV? Aren't those my gender or is it because I'm just fifteen"? She asked without waiting for an answer as she rested her head on her mother's chest.

"Hey Hayley, my baby, my sweet girl, the girl who's gonna bring the women's football cup home, you're strong, you're smart and you're amazing, so I don't see why you should cry. When people say wrong things about you, you just have to prove them wrong and not cry".

After hearing all those sweet words coming from her mother, Hayley raised her head up as she flashed a radiant smile and her mom continued..

"Let me tell you a little secret, your grandmother was a very good footballer though she couldn't get to play for the worldwide that's why she wasn't popular till she died, she was mocked amongst peers but do you know what happened? She didn't quit, she continued and was able to play for her village and guess what Hayley? She led her team to victory".

"They won the match and brought home the cup which I'll love to show you". She took Hayley to a safe in her room and opened it. There the cup had laid for years before Hayley was born.


Hayley was astonished as she opened her eyes wide, "you can have it Hayley it's yours now but remember one thing: we weren't born quitters no matter the situation. Quitting is for losers and those that are weary but you my daughter is not a loser nor are you weary that I know"

She gave her fifteen year old ambitious footballer a soft warm kiss on the forehead after she had ended her speech.

That was all Hayley needed to boost her energy, she smiled as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks and she hugged her mother so close promising her that she's gonna bring back that cup someday.