My Actifit Report Card: May 21 2023


Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

The day was fine today and feeling better than yesterday as well. Then got busy with some pending work at home.

In the evening done some gardening ( not like a real garden) but plants on the terrace.
Ploughing the soil and added some manure to plants, so they can grow better.

It's summer so plants need more of the water. I done some ploughing on soil to turn over the soil from beneath as the upper soil may have some unwanted things ( done cleaning as well before ) and also some space for water to go. As some of the plants had algae deposits covering the plants.

Now the plants are great. Just haven't clicked any pics. I will surely do tomorrow and share here.

Other than this, done some house chores as I get only time on weekends after the main job.

And yes, I missed adding the image yesterday to my post as I forgot to upload image before posting. Maybe it was my fever yesterday that made me forget that.

This I had today for breakfast from a street hawker and if you ask me. It really tasted nice and good to eat.

It included mathri as base ( a salty snack fried of wheat flour ) with curry of potatoes mixed with some spices. Not very spicy though but nice to eat for a quick bite and breakfast.

Also, attached the pic I forgot yesterday, feel free to let me know, how the pic looks with the edits.

Thanks everyone for reading the post.

Stay healthy and stay fit.



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