My Actifit Report Card: June 2 2023


Hi everyone,
I hope you all are fine.

I again missed posting updates as I have changed my phone because my old phone got taken by my niece as she broke her phone camera😅

So, I got busy setting up my new phone and apps. And again the same issue with actifit keep closing because of battery optimisation. Finally I figured out how to keep this in memory. And recorded two days activity so I can continue with my regular updates.

So for yesterday I had some delicious deserts and ice cream.

A pastry cup pineapple flavored and delicious

And some vanilla ice cream to beat summer heat.

The pastry was really yummy as luckily I got fresh prepared one 😋 and it was too creamy and soft.

On the health side everything is fine. The weekday was pretty busy with work. I hope to get some free time meanwhile in weekend as well some time to play games.

Ohh by games I remember I started playing shadow legends which is arcade style battle game and it's too addictive for me. I just want to complete the levels as I stopped playing before once.

I will share more updates tomorrow.

Thanks everyone.

Have a healthy weekend.

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