RE: This Is Awesome - Highlighting Awesome Posts - Plus Prize Drawing - March 14, 2023

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Sweet! Everyone should check out Jon's post about the value of our upvotes... important and motivating stuff. Thanks for sharing! 🙏

And congrats to (@)chapelle for today's win. :)

Note: I was tagging the winner in each of my previous comments, as well as an occasional tag relating to the featured content... but you say that I should only tag myself. Should I actually tag myself, or will including NO tags be the best route. (I feel like a newbie asking such a basic question, but I'm curious. 🙄)

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Yes, very motivating indeed @thatcryptodave😎
Thank you so much 😊 , and good luck in the drawing.
Yes… I know what you mean. By tagging someone else in your comment there is a change you won’t get counted for the draw… it’s automated. So far… everybody does get counted. But it could happen one doesn’t.
Best is just to comment and you get counted. It doesn’t need to be a tag to yourself.
If you keep appearing in the list of names that are counted it means all went well. 🤓

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