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So I have been pretty quiet in my writing these last few months, all because I have been lazy. Hemming and Hawing over whether to post or to push my thoughts out there. Well, here I am, not sure of what I am going to say. But… as my good friend Jon Olson says… (I am paraphrasing here) put it out there and see what happens.

Season in review… through week 10…

Pre-season favorite Buffalo Bills – underperforming…

AFC West – not as good as the nerds thought – this division is still ruled by Kansas City and the others in the division – Las Vegas, LA Chargers, Denver, suuuuck… just saying

AFC East - Miami Dolphins – true contenders in the AFC East as Buffalo loses games they should win… Tua is the real deal and the Dolphins are gonna make a run… the Jets are the surprise team in this division… but they still have Zack Wilson.. so there’s that.. as for the Patriots, well, if the playoffs were to start today, EVERY team in the AFC East would make the playoffs, even the Pats, despite currently being in the cellar of that division.

AFC North… it’s Baltimore’s division to lose, they have the better team over Cincinnati… As for my Browns… Well… Can someone buy a decent Defensive Coordinator a plane ticket to Cleveland? Watson maybe returning in two weeks, but without a decent defense the Browns are doomed to finish last in the division… again…

NFC North – Umm… the changing of the guard in this division… the Vikings are the team to beat and Aaron Rogers needs to consider his future after this season, cause it isn’t looking to bright.

NFC South – the rumors of the Demise of Tom Brady and the Bucs is overrated… this division is the WORST in the NFC and the Bucs are the class of that division. After two straight wins… the most recent being the first NFL regular season game in Germany of all places, The Bucs once again look like the best team in that division

AFC South… who cares? The only interesting story in this division is Jeff Saturday being the head coach in Indy… The Titans are boring, the Texans are, well… the Texans… and the Jaguars?… new season same results

NFC West… This division is the most surprising of all to me… the Seahawks lead the division… and this is a surprise to everyone, cause they all had the ‘Hawks in the cellar at the beginning of the season. the Rams… meh… Cardinals… HA!! The Niners are good… and are the only team that could overtake Seattle when it is all said and done. (How good do the 9ers look now for not dealing Jimmy G?)

Which brings me to the NFC East… Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants… all solid contenders right now for that division, with Philly being the favorite due to their perfect 8-0 record with the “Commanders” on deck tonight for Monday Night Football. Dallas laid an egg against the Packers due to some Aaron Rogers magic (how about Christian Watson and his 3 TD’s?) The Giants find themselves in second place in the division and just to be clear… Saquon Barkley is BACK!! This is the most intriguing division in football to me right now…

With 8 weeks left, I am excited about the remainder of the season…

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