Just Watching A Little Bit Of Sports With My Free Coffee


My trips to the Oregon coast usually consist of me sliding into a parking space at the local casino where I can use their nice restrooms, and of course, the free coffee!

So after a nice night of sleep out in their lot, I usually come in and do the morning biz, get some free coffee, which is the best tasting coffee, cause it’s free, lol. So I sit here in front of these 4 jumbo screens, which is actually one huge screen that they can divide into 4 screens, it’s really cool. Then of course you have the betting stuff on the side, which I look at but I don’t gamble. Hell, crypto is enough of a gamble, lol. I just act like I am researching stuff so they don’t look twice at the fact that I drink allot of free coffee and don’t ever play, lol.

I will however go and eat at their restaurants to at least support in that manner. but yeah, this is a way that a vanlifer can feel like a king, lol. I suggest trying it sometime, lol.

I have been more into sharing life than my opinions of crypto, global issues, and alike because it has really been making me extremely depressed lately. So a bit more focus on the beauty in life is making me a bit more happy these days.

Until next time folks…

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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