Meme challenge #264 Entry #1 The crypto love story



The Crypto love story...

If you are in anyway associated to crypto then I am quite sure you would relate to the image above.

It all starts your falling out of love with how fiat and fiat driven central banks work.
money keeps losing value and there is nothing you can do.
Inflation and devaluation eat into your investments.

Then you come across crypto

Here is an asset class that is designed and more correctly so is being designed to improve upon the flaws and shortfalls of the centralized monitory systems.

The charm of crypto is too much to resist

Needless to say see the advantage of crypto over fiat and also how decentralized ecosystems can succeed where centralized systems fail.
Thus you endorse and start using crypto.

The govt. and central banks do not approve of your love story

every story has a villain and in the crypto love story saga it is the central banks and the governments who cannot see themselves losing control over the age old and broken ideas of money.
Thus they resist change.
They even go to the level of banning Bitcoin and anything to do with crypto and blockchains.

Crypto bounces back every time.

Be it the ban on mining Bitcoins or banning trading in crypto. There is only so much a government can do.
Bitcoin and crypto is all around and its transactions cannot be stopped by physical boundaries.

Finally Govt.s give in

Some governments give in and adopt Bitcoin and other crypto.
So your love story with crypto begins to thrive once again.

Is it you and crypto live happily ever after ?

Well not quite. Crypto development is in its infancy. Even the big papa of all crypto the Bitcoin is in its teens and the idea is only growing up and improving with each iteration of the code.

Besides not all crypto projects would succeed. some would fail and others would be rug pulls.
So one need to be cautions and do plenty of research before and where we put our money into crypto.

Crypto is not a sport

As a sports person practices before a match valuing the plus and minuses of the opponenet thus before you put your money into a project do due diligence and research.
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