My Actifit Report Card: July 27 2022

It's been a busy week, and HOT outside! Every single day has been 100+°F for two weeks, so very little physical activity has taken place beyond finding an evening or two to work on the minivan and its various mechanical issues.

The punches have continued to come, but my family has been taken care of every step of the way through what I can only point to as divine providence. Seriously, still gives me chills to think about all the moving parts and how they came together for my family - even though one car is still in the shop for repairs and the other is completely totaled from leaking all the coolant out on a 10 hour trip in the blazing summer heat. We are stressed and stretched a little thin these days, but blessed immensely at the same time!

On a high note, today marks the last day of clocking client contact hours for my provisional license as a professional counselor... Because I have sent my full licensure application in the mail to the board of licensing here in Missouri! By this time next month, I will be a fully licensed professional counselor, and MUCH more marketable as a result. I plan to use my license to negotiate a better income for my family that will allow us to live with a bit more security while I figure out an investment strategy that will allow us to begin knocking out our student debt and begin to live more financially free. Until then, I will continue to move about the office as much as I can, take care of myself and my family, so that I can better assist the clients in my care.
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