TWS Crew Topic: Two Tricks In A Row (EP29) by Bernard Arandilla


Hey guys! Welcome to episode #29 of "Two Tricks In A Row". The 'Treflipman' we gave this codename to Bernard just because he is really good in 360 Flip or Treflip. Last Sunday I was able to film Bernard and he pulled back-to-back tricks out of the box the Frontside Ollie 50-50 Grind and 360 Flip. I think that is the third time that I skate with him and I must he has a bag of tricks technically the 360 Flip is his favorite trick. The 360 Flip is the trick that I never had for so many years of shredded I never catch this trick sometimes I tried It but I never land this trick because I don't get how to scoop the back tail of the board. But not for Bernard this trick is so easy for him to land he can do this trick all day long.

Not A Perfect Frontside Ollie 50-50 Grind on the Slab

Just like us, Bernard failed to land his FS Ollie 50-50 Grind on his first run. The reason why he failed to land the FS Ollie 50-50 Grind he distracts by the fan near the slab. When he tried to land that trick the board hung to the wire. To avoid a minor accident we grab that fan and put it in another location.

A Perfect Frontside Ollie 50-50 Grind and Not A Perfect 360 Flip

After we removed that fan Bernard finally land his FS Ollie 50-50 Grind on the slab on his second run. After he rolled out the FS Ollie 50-50 Grind he pushed his board to do the 360 Flip but he failed to catch this trick.

After the first and second runs Bernard failed to catch his 360 Flip again but he land the FS Ollie 50-50 Grind. I understand why he failed to catch the 360 Flip because this trick really had to do. But I think after the third run something good happens.

A Perfect Frontside Ollie 50-50 Grind and 360 Flip

Yeah, like I said something good happens after he failed on his first, second, and third run he finally managed to land both those tricks. The FS Ollie 50-50 Grind was perfectly grinding on the slab he had no reason to be distracted again because we removed the fan. After he lands the FS Ollie 50-50 Grind he pushed his board a little bit and then in a blink of an eye he pulls out the 360 Flip he lands this trick with a little bit of slappy but everything is good. In just the fourth try he lands those back-to-back tricks and I'm so glad for him. I must say Bernard is a really good skateboarder.

I also provided a GIF format to see how Bernard land his 'Two Tricks In A Row'

P.S: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and started filming and editing in 2011. On the TWS skate video, you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.


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