Regardless, It Ended in Praise

While some may feel it was not a very successful season for the Reds, I and a host of many others believe that the just-concluded season was one of Liverpool's best seasons ever. They showed resilience and a good spirit of sportsmanship all through the season.


Yes, the Reds may have missed out on the Champions League to Real Madrid and the Premier League to Manchester City but they equally lifted two trophies in England and even fought for the Premier League till the last day. Adding another FA Cup and EFL Cup to the club's storehouse is a huge achievement.

It may not have happened the way fans predicted but fans were still very much happy with the squad in the end. Fans hoped for a quadruple or treble as that would have gone down in history but it didn't play out.

Regardless, fans showed show much love, support, and encouragement to the team. Each time, I watch the parade Liverpool had, I feel proud being the Reds' supporter. The love was massive and I believe that the team will come back even stronger in the next season.

Kudos to Mohammed Salah for winning the golden boot, the best goal of the season, and the highest assist maker in the EPL season. In the same vein, Allison Becker took home the EPL golden gloves while Jurgen Klopp got nominated as the best coach of the season. These were all great achievements for the club and worthy of celebration.

What is more celebration-worthy is the growth of the Liverpool team.

Isn't it interesting to see people trolling the Reds for missing out on a treble and quadruple? A few years back, the team faced trolls for not winning at least a trophy. Today, all of that is changed as they are now all-around contenders. I hope we get to see more growth and quality from the squad.

On the other hand, it is sad that we'll be losing some legendary and outstanding players next season through transfers. Notably, Divock Origi and most likely, Sadio Mane will both be off to AC Milan and Bayern Munich respectively. The team will very much miss them but they will always be remembered at the club. I just hope Mo Salah doesn't have to leave as well.

It can be easily understood why Divock Origi had to leave but Sadio Mane's intention to vacate the club is something I haven't been able to wrap my head around. Maybe someone here can help with the information.

All the same, players will always have to move to other clubs as they can't stay in one place forever. This is why players should always endeavour to make an impact wherever they find themselves. On the other hand, I believe Jurgen Klopp will still build a formidable squad with the available players and future signings.

In the words of the boss, Liverpool will come back stronger next season in all competitions. I hope they'll learn from the mistakes made in the just-concluded seasons as that will help them perform and achieve more in the coming seasons.


They were practically in the final of every competition they competed day of the EPL, won two domestic cups, final of the UCL... If anyone says they failed then they should look at Arsenal and Manchester United. This is a good season for Liverpool. It could be greater but they have two cups to show for it and that's not a bad thing.