Can't Wait For The New Season To Begin

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Maybe it's just me when has been living a boring life ever since EPL, La Liga and Champions League ended. Life has been pretty boring for me in the sense that I miss those weekend gathering where normally watch football matches at viewing centre

I miss the noises of those supporting their teams and vice versa and I really can't wait for that to happen again. I also miss those trolls with all kinds of repulsive behaviours at viewing centre that will make the whole place lively

I also miss those bettors and how frustrated they normally look when the team they bet on is losing 😂 What about those who argue blindly during the match?

After two months that seems like eternity, we now have less than three weeks for another season to begin. At least weekend will no longer be boring and life will be fun once again.

Honestly I really miss football and I just can't wait for all leagues to resume. Life without football is nothing