My Actifit Report Card: October 6 2021


A Busy Morning With a Beautiful Excursion:

My Daily Adventures;

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 -

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I woke late today, and for it was a day of busy workings, I rushed to finished my morning routine and ritual, and make breakfast.
Onward, I did my daily crypto-generations and finances and watched an episode of my new show GunPowder,
  • having just finished The Tudor's,
  • -a miniseries with Kit Harrington and a great portrayal of Guy Fawkes where, this "Foreign mercenary Guido Fawkes, and a group of English Catholic traitors plan to blow up the Palace Of Westminster and kill King James I in the early 17th century", sourced:
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to the miniseries, and
  • I began getting ready after finishing such, and;
Working on my hydroponics, botany, and plants, eventually enough time has passed with shade over my yard for me to water such without burn.
After finishing up and preparing for my day, I headed out around 12p to an event I had planned!

Arriving, I went on a beautiful fall walk!

Throughout the woods I went,

And thereby this beautiful tree stood,

All amongst the grove;

I continued down the hollow trail,

To find beautiful colours yet below,

For the trail was round and worth the hour,

And it was finally time to head back my way.

Sadly with the cloudy gloom

I ended off my day with a positive mood. With such a wonderful feeling, I headed on my way.

I arrived home around 5pm, after my little daily excursion, and decided to unwind.

I finished off my days with catching up on my subscriptions and Swearnet, watching Highway Thru Hell, Murdoch Mysteries, and my final episode of Gunpowder, taking me to about 8pm.

And so, ending off my night I prepared my daily writings and got ready for tomorrow. As I was beginning to get tired and I was going to take advantage of an early night.

Cheers to yet another good time y'all. Cheers to tomorrows, all fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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