My Actifit Report Card: June 22 2022


A Trip to Toronto!


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

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My Morning -> Afternoon

After a pleasantly long sleep, I awoke today around 9:30am and readied myself a well-needed cup of coffee and some eggs and toast; I set up my television show, Poldark, Season One, on Amazon Prime Video: PBS Masterpieces to watch while working through my crypto-apps Phoneum, PI, and COIN, and my crypto-dailies, passives, generation, miners and monitors.
I checked up on my crypto-economics with CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, and HodL; as well as my daily crypto-finances on CryptoMarket and CoinMarketCap, going over my crypto-finances, budgeting, and expenses as well.
I checked up on my crypto-news with Aliens, CreatD, Notion, Noble, and Medium, finishing up my crypto-routine with going over Ecency, Hive and other phone dailies.
I put on my YouTube subscriptions to catch up on around 11am, and finally finished up my morning routine with reviewing my TrailForks and Strava trails, GaiaGPS routing, Outside+ subscriptions, PinkBike blogging, and ActiFit linking before putting on some of the Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel to watch until 12p, noon.

My Afternoon -> Evening

Just after 12, I headed out to work on my in and outdoor gardens, front and back yards, plantings, herbs, botany, and hydroponics; finishing up my daily chores around the house and my normal routine, readying myself shortly after 1p to head to Toronto to see an old friend!

I left and headed on way, checking out Toronto's Swansea neighbourhood,


And the beautiful nearby High Park!

Walking around,

I explored nearby trails,

Reaching the Spring-Centre Road Path Trail,

I traveled along,

Continuing past this unique structure, or art, I guess, you could call it,

Passing beautiful areas along my way!

I headed downhill,

Through one last trail,

Eventually reaching Centre Rd,

And finally,

The end of my trek at High Park Blvd!

That was a good hike!

Passing through downtown,

I approached the CN Tower,

I passed the Gardiner, and headed on my way!

And arriving downtown, I headed on way to an old friends', eventually arriving around 4pm for a night out on the city!

My Evening > Night

And with a pleasant evening behind me, I prepared myself for rest!

For today ended up being a much longer day than anticipated - from almost losing my wallet, to wiping out and taking a chunk outta my skin; today ended up turning out just a-okay!

No complaints at the end of it!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻

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Excellent posting hopefully you have an amazing day today.


Thank you friend! Day went well! Was very enthused with my activities :)


Keep it up it looks like you're doing awesome.


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