My Actifit Report Card: July 12 2022


The Royal Botanical Gardens: Hopkin's Corner's Rock Chapel Escarpment Trails - Borer's Falls

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022


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My Morning -> Afternoon

Following a nice long early-night rest, I awoke today before 6:30am to a nice cup or coffee and some eggs and toast!
I started off my day by beginning Season Three of my historical show Victoria on Amazon Prime Video: PBS Masterpieces and worked through my morning routine - crypto-apps, - Phoneum, PI, COIN, and the such -, generation, passives, dailies, faucets, miners and monitors; checking up on my economics with CoinGecko, CryptoPanic, and HodL; economics with CryptoMarket and CoinMarketCap; budgeting, expenses and expenditures.
I caught up to my morning YouTube subscriptions and checked up on crypto Web 3 Dev. from OpenBlox, RunBlox, Melos Studios, and ProjectGalaxy's NFTs; as well as some crypto-news with BovineVerse, CreatD, Notion, Noble and Medium!
Next, I caught up to the Trailer Park Boys' SwearNet channel, finishing up my regular phone-routine by planning out my trails to take with the help of AllTrails; side-trails to take a look at with geo-location mapping while hiking using TrailForks; segmenting and route syncing with Strava; and offline routing with layered map planning with GaiaGPS! I wrote up my draft for my blog with pictures on PinkBike, and linked such to ActiFit with PinMapple for my overall route!

The Route

I will start off south (west is southerly on this map) after bussing past my previous York at Old Guelph Rd. stop parallel to the York Rd. exit of the Homestead-Pinetum Trail followed on my first excursion (RBG: Arboretum - Cootes Paradise Sanctuary, here {}), through Hamilton and up towards Dundas.
After passing my previous hikes to my north-east from just a few days prior on bus (found here {}), I will arrive in Westdale, and, taking a different bus after following King St. W. to Cootes Dr, will travel up Hwy. 8 to central Dundas, passing my exiting roadway after I finish today's hike (Olympic Dr. By Watson's Ln. Loop) as I head west to central Dundas, eventually arriving just off Cootes Dr. / Hwy. 8 and Sydenham Rd., having to walk the last 20 minutes of my journey to the trailhead at Romar Dr. and Westmoreland Rd., off of Glendrummond Rd. at Sydenham Rd.

I will hike upwards of 8km, possibly 10km as I head back, a decent amount similar to my 9km and 12km done the last two times I've been to RBG: Arboretum and Cootes Paradise Sanctuary north and south.

I will ultimately follow Romar to the Escarpment Bruce Trail Main Trail, up, connecting to Rock Chapel Rd. and traveling past the Rock Chapel Trail, to the Borer's Falls Bruce Trail Main Trail leading to Borer's Falls and the beautiful lookouts around!

Continuing around the trail connecting to the Ray Lowes Side Trail and York Rd., I will connect to the RBG: Escarpment - Berry Tract just past York Rd., and will travel the RBG Escarpment Loop following the Thornmapple Main, Bruce W. Duncan Memorial Access and Trail, and all Connector + Access Trails!

Once done, I will circle back, connect with the Ray Lowes Side Trail back on the Escarpment Main - Borer's Falls Bruce Trail and follow this down to York Rd. from Valley Rd., eventually departing from Watson's Ln. Loop at York Rd.!

Finishing up with planning my hike, preparing for the day, and getting all my things together - including a great new hiking pack and some new shoes, for my hiking excursion!

Lastly, I checked up on my hydroponics, herbs, in and outdoor gardens, front and back yards, plantings, and botany before readying up to head out around 8:30am!

And so, I am off!

First leaving Mississauga, I passed through Oakville and Burlington,

Before arriving downtown Hamilton!

Next, I followed my route headed to Dundas and,

Heading up Hwy. 8, eventually arrived in Dundas' historic downtown,

And began my journey up Sydenham Rd. shortly after 12p, noon!

My Afternoon -> Evening

As I headed my way west up Sydenham Rd.,

I snapped pictures as I approached the Bruce Trailhead,

I crossed into the trail,

Entering a plethora of colour!

And following the heavily-tred upon dirt,

Reached a crossing,

Beautiful as it was,

And continued onward,


Up the stairs,

Past the cliff-face,

Up the escarpment,

To where I reached Cootes-Escarpment Eco-Park System

Eventually passing Romar Dr.'s Trail-portion, and connecting to the RBG Escarpment Main Trail!

I started my journey, routing the trail from Romar to the Escarpment Trailhead,

Passing through forest surrounding,

And green as far,

As the eye could see!

After crossing,

I continued on the trail,

I always love coming out to these parts this time of the year!

Such beautiful views of the city!

Reaching the trailhead,

And subsequent bridge-crossing,

With beautiful brickwork,

I crossed,

To where I reached,


I began the Armstrong Trail,

Heading through the winding path,

And reaching the end, I examined the cliff-face here,

I snapped shots of the wilderness around,

And circled back,

Submitting my new trail to TrailForks upon reaching the bridge,

And beginning the Escarpment Main - Bruce Trail!

I reached a viewpoint,

And also a rest-spot,

Most likely some history attributes here!

Wonder how old this was;

I headed north-easterly,

Staying true,

And adventuring throughout the forest,

Hiking up,

Heading to a height of unknown elevation,

I eventually reached the Rock Chapel Trail intersection at Hamilton's Rock Chapel Sanctuary*, a trail walked many-a-time before,

And took in the view from here!

I continued on,


To the Borer's Falls - Bruce Trail!

I reached the trailhead,

And continued,

The views around here...

They never fail to disappoint!

And reaching Borer's Falls,

I looked over,

And snapped a couple shots,

As I headed on,

I eventually,

Reached some clay-ladden soil,

And these views were beautiful!

I was loving every second of it!

I snapped a few more,

And then I continued on,

Through the forest,

Past the Rock Chapel Trail connector and trailhead,

Past the cliffsides,

And throughout the trail,

I headed down,

Down these hefty stairs,

As they led me through the forest,

I reached a flat point,

And traveled past the many types of trees,

I passed the Ray Lowes Side Trail,

And continued through,

Past more beautiful foliage,

All contributing to the beautiful Carolinian Forest,

That so many million Ontarions are so lucky and should be thankful to live in!

I traveled up,

Then down,

All throughout,

Over bridges and valleys,

Finishing the Borer's Falls - Escarpment (Bruce) Trail,

And eventually passing over Valley Rd. on the trail,

I reached the RBG: Escarpment Trails - Berry Tract,

And followed its' Escarpment Loop,

Snapping shots of beautiful berries,

As I passed the boardwalk!

Down Thornmapple Trail,

Routing this,

Right to the end,

Crossing boards,

Reaching the trail intersection,

And eventually the exit,

At Wesley Ave. by Patterson Blvd.

Following along Morrow St.,

And heading down the Access Trail,

I traveled under plenty of greenery,

Beautiful and dense,

Trekking through and making my own trails,

To the subsequent Side Trail,

Up north-west,


To the Thornmapple - Connector, Connector Trail,

Past the first - double track - Connector Trail,

And the subsequent second Connector Trail,

Up the now west Connector Trail,

And back down,


To the subsequent Bruce W Duncan Memorial Access Trail,


And around,

To the Bruce W. Duncan Memorial Trail,

Circling around,

Past the boardwalk,

And around this trail,

Snapping some beautiful shots in this berry tract,

And eventually reconnecting at the trailhead,

Finding this crazy tree trunk!

And heading east to finish this route,

And then back west,

To the Ray Lowes Side Trail,

The last trail to finish up all of the Royal Botanical Gardens'*, 1. Arboretum Gardens: Cootes Paradise North and South Shore, and Cootes Paradise Sanctuary,

And 2. Royal Botanical Gardens'*, Escarpment Trails;

Ultimately following this trail past Valley Rd. to Hopkin's Corners,

Walking down York Rd. to Watson's Ln. Loop, and eventually catching the transit back to Mississauga before evening, around 4pm!

That was a good hike!

All I want to yet get done tomorrow is RBG: Hendrie Valley, then, after that, all there is left would be that of the RBG: Centre, Laking Garden and Rock Gardens to do in the coming weeks!

My Evening -> Night

Upon arriving back, I prepared my writings for the day, added my new trails to TrailForks, synced and segmented my Strava and uploaded to AllTrail; I added my route to my offline trips and my GaiaGPS, and then updated my TrailForks with my ridelogs, check-ins, trip reports, etc., before uploading all of my photos, adding to PinkBike, writing up my hiking as well as my regular ActiFit blog, and then finally linked all together with my sites and prepared everything for posting.

For today had been a great adventure - I look forward to tomorrow's!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻



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