Rabona: Tips on Training drills and Player Overall Strength


Any art requires discipline in consistent practice before anyone can attain perfection. It is widely agreed that footballers might even need more than 10,000 hours to reach a level of effectiveness. It is true that top professional footballers put in as much as an average of four to six hours daily in training.

The Rabona game is also built to allow managers train their teams freely once every 23 hours to get them fit in various drills and player features that add up to aggregate their overall strength.

Training is very crucial for your team is the potentials of the players must be maximised. It becomes very important that Rabona players who sere as the coach to their teams get to understanding the gamifications of the Training feature of the game.



Football training divides into three broad but distinct branches: physical, technical and tactical. All three football training branches complement each other and are vital for the success of both the individual and the whole team.

Training in Rabona Game

Training on Rabona game is categorized into 11 drills including the following:

  • Goalkeeping (GK)
  • Defending (DEF)
  • passing (PAS)
  • Dribbling (DRI)
  • Shot (SHT)
  • Headball (HB)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Endurance (END)
  • Formation 4-3-3
  • Formation 4-4-2
  • Formation 3-5-2
  • Formation 4-2-3-1


The game allows the manager to choose which players to participate in each training session. THus, some players can be deselected from joining a SPD training. Amazing is the fact that the choice of training drill affects a player's rating differently and in turn their performances during the matches.

Below is a screenshot of two training sessions - Endurance and Dribbling. Let's look at carefully how each selected drill affects the players' Overall Strength.

Endurance Training details

In the Endurance Training frame above, it is evident that an upgrade in the END rating of a player leads to a degrade in the SPD rating of the same player. Depending on how much units that END and SPD adds or subtracts, the player's OS would eventually either increase or decrease. In the real sense, trying to make a player physically stronger with stamina would reduce the speed of the player since energy required to run is expended in balancing against the push of an opponent.

In the case as shown above, it is best to deselect players that show a degrade in the OS as a result of the proposed training.

Dribbling Training details

In the Dribbling Training frame above, the upgrade of a player's DRI leads to an increase/decrease in DEF, PAS, SHT and HB characteristics of the player. Dribbling is a technical and tactical skill, therefore dependent in a number of factors. A defensive player cannot improve in dribbling and still be at his best in defense. A dribbler would rarely want to pass the ball to another player. Dribbling also affects speed and head ball efficiencies.

As such each time a user wants to train his player on Dribbling, he should be careful to exclude all defenders and attackers since that tactics would hamper other crucial characteristics.


Of all tactical and physical training drill, END is the most player friendly as it always improves the OS of the player as against what is obtainable with tactics such as DRI, PAS and Hb. Do well to always maximize your training sessions.


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