Woke up this morning feeling very dizzy and tired , heard noises outside and decided to go and check what's going on?
Got there and my lodge mates were planning to go for sports , 😉.
That joy that came into my heart, i was like (well since i ain't got nothing planned out this morning let's go for it).
So we jugged to the field and my lodge mates were playing against the neighbouring lodge.
Honestly speaking the other lodge has more experienced players than us, almost all of them play in leagues but when it comes to my lodge , it's exactly the opposite. No practice, no training , they just play occasionally, lol.
Anyways players were chosed and wings assigned, the opposition team had already taken there post and my lodge was still selecting players


When they were done the match kicked off, they played for about 30 minutes before the opposing team scored my lodge 1 nil , five minutes later it was 2 nil.
That's for the opposing team 2-0 for my lodge team.
45 minutes past and they went for the half time.
Came back and continued playing , then the weather wasn't bright anymore as it was cloudy and wanted to rain.
Players could barely keep there grip on the ground as the field was damn slippery, anyways the opposing team played my lodge mates half field throughout the entire match and scored another goal. This time my team insisted it wasn't a goal that the defender committed a foul , so a penalty should be given. Penalty was given and the oppsing team scored making it 3-0.
I was already laughing myself out due to falls on the field. Five minutes they came back and scored another goal making it 4-0, my lodge team manage to score one goal making it 4-1 now .


At about 80 minutes into the match the opposing team scored another goal with a corner kick, now it's 5-1. At this point my team was tired and all hope was lot , meanwhile we outside was still busy with the laughing, cracking jokes and making fun of the entire players .
The opposing team commited a penalty and refused to admit it , as one of there defenders kicked the ball with his hand. When the dragging got much the referee had to call for it and closed the match, everybody went home.
Despite the fact we lost, i had fun trust me because the laughter alone was something else.
More like i went there to be entertained or should i say i went for a show.
That's how my sporty Tuesday went .
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day.