Yes it is absolutely true that we consumed more of genetically modified food than ever before, it is also true that the number of genetically modified food that will consumed will double in few years to come, it is also true that more young children will be faced with dealing obesity in years to come as a results of consumption of genetically modified food that are more dangerous to the health of an individuals. The world population will soon hit 8 billion, hence, there is need for highly improved food production locally and globally putting billions on the world population in danger as a results of what they eat or drinks.

The world today is much more vulnerable to attacks of food consumption than the attack from the aliens. There is hardly any households you visit today that you will not find one of this products that is harmful to the body system, especially to the young adults.

What is more true is rate of lackadaisical attitude of many towards exercise. It has been observed that the best way to keep fit mentally, emotionally and physically is to engaged in physical exercises that will help to burn calories and excessive fat and others in our body.

If this is to be achieved, there most be all inclusive system that will mandate everyone irrespective of where they work or served to devote at least 45 minutes to one hour of their time to physical exercises at least once in a week to start with.
Cultural and religious believes have not really help to get people engaged in physical exercises as some cultural sentiments are still very strong and served as barrier to young boys and girls in physical exercises participation.
From my corner and a little gesture and contribution toward having a healthy environment, I have started having a physical exercises session with some students from my neighborhood.