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Would it be wrong to replaced Unai Emery as the coach of Arsenal or he should be given more time to fix the squad at the emirate? Why some schools of thought had reason for more time to be given to the gunner's boss for the fact that he inherited an average squad from the former manager Arsene Wenger two seasons ago. Many sees the current lack lustre performance if the team as problems left behind by the former gunner's coach. Some also claimed that it does not really matter who us been hired as the coach of arsenal, as far as the board of Arsenal refuses to spend to developed the squad at every department if the game, then it will be very difficult for any meaningful achievement to seen at emirate or for the team to compete favourably with the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and even Chelsea.

Other schools of thought are if the opinion that the current manager Unai Emery has been given the all needed support to succeed at emirate since his arrival at the club, looking at the support given, Unai Emery has spent more than 50% of what Arsene Wenger had spent in signing players for ten years in less than two with a better results. Dome are of the opinions as well that if only that the board had given Wenger a fragment of financial support Unai Emery is enjoying now to Arsene Wenger things might as well be rosy for the London club.