Fire on the board, The round 3 of the Hive Chess Toournament, my games and more! ♟️️🔥⚡️


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We had the round 3 of the season 9 of the Hive chess tournament organized by @stayoutoftherz. Finally I got back to the top 3 afyer a long time, I think I play a bit better from the phone because is easier for me to see and move the pieces, not to mention that I can move faster (at least for me). Anyways, the swiss toyrnament was played and I dig it the most, sure, arena tournaments are fun but swiss are more competitive.

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After the round nine I had a power black out, fortunatelly the tournament just finished at that moment. Here we have the final results:


@eniolw in the first place wiith 8 ponts, @tungphong in the second place with 7 points and I got the thrid place with 6. curiously, it defeated both, with eniolw was really crazy he did not see I was threatening checkmate in the last rank and @threatening had a good chances but his clock did not help him that much, but this is blitz so you know...

Funny moments

Of course it was a 4+0 tournamnet so I blunder a lot, look at this:


This was against @tony1294, well, I do not what to tell you... I have played against the dragon like 1000000 times and I totally forgot what to do and this moment, I played 18)b3?? and it was like whaaaat.... Rxc3 and I resigned... I give my poor knight for free... gets worse check this out...


Against @rosmarly, oh man... I had a great game and the endgame is kind of draw, when suddenly:

44.png 5555.png

No comments...

And the last one was against @samostically, again, a great game almost done but it was not enough


A really cool Zugzwang but the time was running out and I could not be that precise....

Now I will check the wholw games and try to figure out where weremy mistakes.

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Tomorow our host will be @schamangerbert in the saturady tournamentas ussual and for sunday the @chessbrotherspro league, saty tuned

Let me know what do you prefer? Stream from phone or from the computer?


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