Will NFL All Day be as successful as NBA TopShot? Time will tell!


Hi HODLers, Sports fan and mostly NFL fans,

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Today is a big day for NFT collectors and sport fans. If you remember TopShot used to be one of the most valued NFT project out there. This was a collectible

Like Top Shot, NFL All Day serves up tokenized video highlights as NFT collectibles, which can be bought, sold, and traded on Dapper’s marketplace

The Dappers labs' platform runs on the Flow blockchain, home of other projects such as UFC Strike platform and many others.

They seem to be releasing weekly packs that you can purchase. The next one is in approximatively a day and gives you 4 moments. I have to dig deeper but it seems these are randomly generated.


I have seen some very rare ones listed for $40-50k! Maybe I will probably participate to this one to try it out!

I just wished it wasn't on "Flow". Maybe there will be a way to bridge these to Ethereum or a solid L1/L2 in the future. Time will tell!

In any case, this sounds like fun and I wish I could have had the one below! I do like Justin Fields (Chicago Bears QB). As the season is starting, these moments might become more rare by the hour!


Stay safe out there,

Source: Dapper Labs Opens NFL Version of NBA Top Shot to the Public

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