This Is Huge For Us... Especially If You Stake Your SPS

Splinterlands dropped a huge announcement today and it is really big news for all of us.

They're developing a game in partnership with the MLSPA. I'm going to get into the details, you can read them...

Read the announcement - MLSPA Announces Partnership with Chief Blockchain Gaming Developer Splinterlands

What I am going to talk about is how this could be huge.

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A lot of how big this is, depends on the game they develop and the user experience. But I trust the Splinterlands team. So let's say they followthrough with the plan.

First of all, Soccer is the biggest sport in the world. Splinterlands has players all around the world.

Second, working with the players association gives the team a lot of flexibility in the creation process. They are not pigeonholed that comes with a partnership with the actual professional leagues. So far, players association NFT releases have not been too exciting.

National Football League Players Association partnered with Upland, and I was excited when it was announced, but the actual integration was a little lackluster. I still like Upland, but the partnership didn't work that well. The thing it did do was add credibility to Upland and added new players and engagement with current players.

With Genesis League Sports, the potential is really unlimited.

What does that mean for us? Well, if you stake SPS like Gank and I have been talking about on stream for the last year, then you are going to get airdrops. We'll be the first to know what is going on and have the opportunity to possibly get into projects before the world finds out.

Plus more new players to Genesis League Sports will bring more people to Splinterlands.

All good things.

Hats off to the team. Nice work.

The one thing I don't know is, if it will be built on Hive. If it is, then that just makes it all event better.

Watch Gank and I on YouTube on Tuesday night as we talk about the Town Hall and the new partnership.

Watch here -


Such a great announcement, knew I was hanging on to those SPS for some reason haha!
Go Minnesota Loons woop!

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