SPLINTERLAND ||| Battle Of the Day ||| 18 APRIL 2023 |||

Hello Friends
How are you doing today? I hope you all are doing well. Today I had a battle with the range cards and I selected some smart cards and those helped me to win the battle so I am sharing it here with you all. If you want to see my battle live you can see it at this link Click Me.

This was the rule set that I have to follow for our battle. 25 mana for selecting the cards and only range cards will be used in this battle.

I selected this card for the first lineup of my team so it can face the opponent's attacks first because has the power to attack from the first lineup and it also has the high health to defend the team from the opponent's cards.

I selected this card for the second lineup. It also has the same power to attack from the first lineup but with 2 range power attack and skip attacks from the enemy. It will defend the team after the first defender will die.

I selected this card for my third lineup. It has the power it also damages the neighbor card that is standing with the target. Its range power is also 2 which is good.

I selected this card for my fourth lineup on the team. It has the power to attack the cards that have no attack magic attack or range attack. The card is a ranged attacker and it has high health which helps a lot.



I selected the four fire cards and the opponent selected five water cards. I have the close-range attack and defender so my cards were more powerful than the opponent's cards.


This was the first round of the battle and my cards are powerful so they killed the opponent's first card in this battle with high attacks. The opponent's defender card was unable to attack so it was good for me.


This was the second round and in this round, my cards also attack with more power and speed and killed two of their other cards and same the opponent's cards were not the attackers.


This was the third round and in this round, my cards again attack the opponent's cards and killed his last two cards. Its last card died before the first card because of my card's blast power.


If you get into any battle with the range attack it is important to use close rangers so they can attack from the first lineup otherwise you will waste the card and it can cause you for losing the battle. I only win this battle because of my close-range defender cards and other high health.