Plants and animals are the true character of this nature | My Actifit Report Card: March 31 2022


Nature always provides the best for every creature that is with it, one of which is humans who really enjoy this natural atmosphere. It's just that humans don't realize it, there are various kinds of natural charms that we see in front of our eyes, and it's based on the beautiful scenery around them.

I am very amazed by this world or nature, the variety of beauty that is there, both in the form of plants and animals that have different forms. I'm also very happy to see people who always get these beautiful moments from nature, through their cameras and capture them for beautiful memories. Especially for photographers who always look forward to the scenery, both from the natural scenery and the beauty of the activities of the animals in nature.

I'd really like to find that calm through a camera, but my current equipment is still very minimal, so that makes me not so excited about this. But I didn't just give up, I'm sure one day I can explore this world full of question marks.

Maybe today I have got some beautiful moments from what I mean above, some of which are plants and animals. Although simple, but this is what I mean above, nature is always beautiful from the view of people who live it.

Below are photos of white and green plants, which I took for future memories. Through a simple camera I get what I want for as long as I want, not so pretty but I'm glad to see it.

Apart from the plants above that I mean, animals are also one of nature's characters that so many people admire. This is not about the ferocity of the animals that are here, but I am interested in telling the beauty of their shape.

I found a cat outside sitting quietly right in front of me, I shot it through the Vivo 32Mpx camera phone, which has a modest capacity, and was able to complete the appearance of this cat.

I added a little color to the photos below, just to enhance the appearance of the background behind it.

The photos above are beautiful memories for me with this nature, not just from photos but there are meanings that make the mind calmer looking at them.

I'm happy to be able to get moments like the environment where I live, because indeed what I see may be different for other people to see. I really hope that all these beautiful memories will become beautiful stories in the future, and also for this nature, hopefully it will always share the best for all of us.

Thank you for your attention and presence here, may we always maintain health.

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