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Wow. Thank you so much for writing such a long, meaningful and understanding comment.

I think it is laudable that @xplosive makes such an effort in a medium (social media) that cannot possibly be his element because it is not the element of anyone on the spectrum. It is, I believe, easier than face to face interaction, but still.

And English is not even my mother tongue. My mother tongue is Hungarian, which is very far from English, but I still try to do my best.

I improved in face-to-face communications over the years. Nowadays it is not as hard as it was for example 10 years ago. I feel like that I do not even have difficulties, but I still notice that my communication is different from the communication of the most of the people.

Repetition, frustration, and a bit of obsession -- these are part of the territory.

You are right about this. At least in my case. And once I also had dysthimia, which is a chronic form of depression. But I am indeed trying to improve, and be better.

I think many of us, like @savvyplayer, tend to read "around" the negativity and repetition. If @xplosive can edit those out, it would definitely improve his writing. If he can take your suggestion to write on new and different topics, that is a good idea also.

Usually there is one repetition I intentionally do, which is the greetings part at the end of my posts/comments. I also noticed similar repetitions from other users, but of course I am trying to improve my writing, and I am trying not to be repetitive, nor negative.

I notice @xplosive's post about amateur radio last week, for example, was very successful.

Speaking of amateur radio, recently I reached 70 subscribers on my (HA5KZO) YouTube channel. I uploaded 85 videos so far since 2012.04.19 (in the previous almost 10 years), so I have not uploaded videos regularly, but maybe I will in the future.

Thank you so much again for taking the time and the effort to write down this comment.



Thank you. To be clear, the repetition at the end of your comments is pleasant in my opinion. It is when you mention multiple disabilities, being low income, and being on the brink of homelessness that it appears negative. Despite being true and quite desperate, it gets repetitive and negative.

I struggle with similar things. For example, I am severely depressed and hormonal much of the time. I do mention these things quite frequently, but I try to balance this with other things. What I mean is that I might write an essay about the experience I am going through, and there may even be a week or two where it is all quite bleak.

However, I try to notice that and think, "What else could I write that people might be interested in?" I think the latter question is more challenging if you are on the spectrum because considering what might be of interest to others tends to be a challenge for some.

Maybe you have opinions or ideas about world events or local happenings. Those can make good essays. I find the ecoTrain question of the week thought provoking. Even if it is the wrong week, you can use the topic as an idea for a post.

I hope that is a little helpful. I can see that you struggle. I think many others see it also.